Airoc tackles a critical issue: speed to productivity for entry-level employees for businesses of all sizes. Onboarding and on-the-job training are as critical as e-learning. We help society address labour shortages and unemployment in an efficient and elegant manner.

Picture of the future

We believe in a gig culture: where collaborations of businesses with individuals are vital. We envision a humanized business which cares about the next generation on this planet. Your market leadership will be defined by how well you motivate, engage and inspire your workforce.

Serious Business

We are market leaders in the Netherlands for evidence based training. Successfully, we service 15.000+ students with an internship at more than 5.000 companies. 15+ colleges value our paperless solutions to unlock human potential. Our proven technology is easily applicable in every industry, such as maritime, technical, and logistic. Our reward is the inspired workforce.

Mission. Airoc supports training and development for everyone, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Vision. Airoc’s vision aims to become the standard solution for on-the-job training and personal development.


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