We make technology work for you.

By aligning your Human Capital with your business challenges within weeks. 

Our state-of-the-art technology supports your workforce to document their journey.

Airoc uses the mobile phone capabilities like photo, video and sound recording to monitor personal development. A pre-set list of objectives is used to verify the progress.

Airoc Tech

Airoc believes that the Cloud in combination with Edge Computing is the next step in digital workplace technology. Inspired by Jacob Morgan´s vision on the evolution of the employee, we structured our roadmap, prioritizing the following themes:

1. Hiring Employees of the Future
2. Attract, Retain (workers & talent)
3. Manage output not input, but the journey is our focal point
4. Work from home
5. Use any device
6. Accept the GIG economy!
7. Adaptive learning replaces knowledge (Classroom is dead)
8. Everyone is a teacher and a Student


We want to motivate and uplift your workforce. The strategy uses established KPIs and follows a conventional process approach.

Our solutions include: 

On-The-Job Onboarding

On-The-Job Personal Training and Development 

On-The-Job Review and Assessment


We provide a Human Capital solution that can support a better performance of organizations and people. Based on a “sea of data” we provide early alerts and insights that empower you to create a real connection and feeling with your workforce.


We can digitize processes specific to your organization within the app. This way you can be sure that the app will meet your own, unique way of working.


The Airoc App costs only €49.50 per month or €495 per user annually. We use special rates for education. Do you want to know more? Contact us or plan a free demo.

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